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Part of Kakashi's usual approach to combat is to rely on the Body Replacement Technique and clone techniques , thereby keeping himself out of harm's way while he observes an opponent and their abilities. Didahului oleh: Tsunade. Kakashi bertarung sengit, dibantu Naruto. When needed, Susanoo can manifest a sword for battle. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. With Zabuza immobilised and Haku damaged, both are bound by the Sealing Team. Ia diserang Pain dengan salah satu paku yang berasal dari bangunan yang runtuh.

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Before he left, he told Kakashi that Sakumo had been a hero and that, although it was bad to abandon one's mission, it was worse to abandon one's teammates. Kakashi yang marah karena kelakuan Zabuza, mengamuk dan melumpuhkan kedua tangannya. Kakashi eventually comes to consider Guy one of his closest and most reliable friends, and by the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War he acknowledges that Guy has surpassed him. Obito's apparent death profoundly changed Kakashi.

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Even his ninken have seen his face so sparingly that most of them don't remember what he looks like unmasked. Minato assisted them with destroying the Kannabi Bridge and then returned with them to Konoha to mourn Obito's death. During his first meeting with Team 7, Kakashi is unimpressed by them, finding them all to be too self-interested. Realising that this is a good opportunity to try once again to reunite with Sasuke, Kakashi combines Teams 7 and 8 into an Eight Man Squad with the mission to find either Sasuke or his assumed target, Itachi.

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In the Anime Awards from About. Naruto: Ninja Council 2. Obito immediately suggested that they rescue her, but Kakashi disagreed on the basis that they needed to complete their mission, opting not to make the same mistake his father did in his mission. He concludes his story by saying that he understands the choices Sakumo made when he was alive and that he is proud to be his son.

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Terlihat keren bukan. Kakashi asks where Tobi acquired his Sharingan, to which he replies it was on the same mission to the Kannabi Bridge that Kakashi got his own. Naruto blocks the attack and vows not to let his teammates die. Madara is stopped from finishing Guy off by Naruto's return, who Obito successfully saved. Kakashi's control also allows him to perform various techniques, usually lightning-based, with few to no hand seals, leaving little time for enemies to react. Naruto, Volume 7. As his spirit leaves Kakashi's body, Obito apologises for everything he did when he was alive, but Kakashi states that he's glad they rekindled their friendship before the end.

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Naruto: Ninja Council. Naruto: Konoha Senki. After Naruto defeats Satori , who was contained within the Box of Ultimate Bliss, Kakashi helps round up the escaped prisoners. He's often seen with them and while remembering Obito's words and lessons taught by his sensei.

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From careful observation of the Deva Path's abilities, Kakashi notices a brief cool down period between its jutsu. Kakashi is troubled by what this might mean, but doesn't overlook the important fact that they now have a way of fighting Tobi. Teknik ini didapat saat melawan Kaguya setelah mendapat bantuan kekuatan dari Obito. He is later part of the reinforcements sent to Sunagakure to help deal with the Four Celestial Symbols Men , only to discover that Naruto's team already successfully completed the mission.

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