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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Still jelouse of Naruto though She needed to go see Naruto. Debating the pros and cons of the question Naruto figured he had better ask. Comments He and Hinata had been dating for a year now, and he had intended to propose to Hinata the next week, so this had been no shock to him. It was not brought forth until needed because people might try to hurt Hinata when I left the village. But I like you better with nothing on instead. Chapter 1-Reveal Hey guys. Its alright.

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Password recovery. But for some reason, which until today has not been clear, Studio Pierrot which produces the anime Naruto Shoppuden actually animate Sasuke Shinden first before two books Naruto Hiden which had been planned animated since October last, which should be timescapes happen earlier? This will probably not be that good as it is my first fanfic. What are your plans Uzumaki-sama?

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About 2 missions ago, she and Naruto had had a "moment" and this had resulted in the baby inside Hinata. You protected our son, what is there to be mad about? Hinata was pregnant.

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Then they widened in shock. She had already figured out who the father was. Hopefully the next chapter will come out in a few days :. This was the only shocked face I could find that seemed suitable for this situation.

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Slowly he moved his lips from Hinata's mouth and begun to kiss her jaw line, moving slowly down her neck to where his shirt met her neck. Hinata, Sasuke and Naruto stood up and bowed to the elders and Tsunade then left the building, heading towards the academy to pick up the kids for a much needed lunch break. One is Hinata shown very weak. I know I generally am a bit of a perv, but was I the only one to notice this? If true, we can not wait for the transition to the anime series Naruto Shippuden Boruto new. Then they widened in shock. The result was positive.

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But if that happened before marriage, Hiashi probably would have tried to cut off Naruto's flow towards his crotch Born from Hyuuga clan head, Hinata kin. Welcome to the world called pregnancy.

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How is this possible? See you in a minute. I'm telling you she fainted so fast, I don't think it was Pregnancy I think it was Exhaustion after over using Byakugan

Pregnant Hinata Faints After Using Byakugan!!

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