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Later, Hanabi watched her sister's training, only to witness Neji trying to harm her and he was later stopped by Hiashi, who then activated his curse seal. This later prompted Sasuke, who tested Boruto into learning the Rasengan, to accept Boruto's request to be his student. In some of Konohamaru's appearances in the anime, he is depicted with blush marks on his cheeks. In the spirit of this, she cheerfully asked her father to train her, to which he proudly agreed. At the party, Boruto came up with idea of a family photo, which Hanabi joined in to take together. But they had always loved each other. As Konohamaru surprises Naruto with his improved skill, Naruto decides to use his senjutsu. But, what will happen when the respectfull Hokage suddenly turned into They were given Tsubaki Kurogane , making Team 15 the first official team to incorporate shinobi and samurai.

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As Konohamaru insisted that they had to return the data he found on the blimp to Konohagakure. December Because the following day was Parent and Child Day , there were very few people staying at the inn, giving Hinata and Hanabi exclusive use of the hot springs.

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Afterwards, Konohamaru freed the Fourth Tsuchikage, letting her go to save her village. After days of hard training, he is ultimately successful in teaching Boruto. In the anime, for Team 7's first mission, they were assigned a D-rank to aid the Green Banks village who are being attacked by bandits for their crops. Meanwhile, Hanabi has an agenda of her own.

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March As an adult, he could summon giant toads, [19] and shinobi monkeys to aid him in missions. Naruto declines and Konohamaru can't help but notice that something is different about him. Because of how late it had gotten, Hinata and Hanabi decided they should spend the night at one of the hot springs; Hinata still wanted to head home, but Hanabi convinced her to trust Boruto and Himawari to look after themselves.

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Sakura tries to make an excuse when she realises how she reacted, but Konohamaru's suspicions that Sakura is just as much a pervert as he is are confirmed. Sasuke got Konohamaru's agreement to let him take over in training Boruto, while also thanking Konohamaru for his good work in training Sarada in his absence. Her hair now reaches well past her hips, and she has two shorter strands of hair in the front with pink ribbons at the ends. Hanabi also had a pink flower hair clip attached to her hair on the left side. Hanabi also spied on Hinata as she would often leave home to watch Naruto Uzumaki from afar, making her wonder why Hinata was so fixated on the social outcast. Before they could leave, they were met with Remon's caretaker Asaki. As a genin , Konohamaru greatly improved and earned praise from Temari for pressuring her, [12] and also managed to defeat Pain 's Naraka Path. Starting from The Last, Moegi and Konohamaru have different eye colors now. Ebisu confronts the Naraka Path so that Konohamaru can escape.

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What truly amazed Hanabi and her father was that it was Naruto who saved everyone, after he was protected and inspired by Hinata who risked her life to help Naruto. In the anime, Hanabi seems to be a quiet, polite and respectful girl, although she seems to open up to people a bit easier than her sister. Hinata Hyuga is heartbroken when her husband The Seventh Hokage, and father of her two children, Naruto divorces her. So, he didn't really question it when he found himself reborn into a new land, with a new family.

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Three days later after Boruto's bodyguard mission was finished, Konohamaru presented his entire team with their first B-rank mission. Hinata, remembering Hanabi's suggestion that she was responsible for Hiashi's insecurities, agreed to join them. Upon arriving and meeting with Kiri , she informs the team that their attacks are actually shinobi. He approaches Naruto for an interview when he returns from the Kage Summit.

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