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Which one would make him a cooler ninja? Chapter 12 Or seriously uses a weapon? But in the end, only one Naruto remained. And, oddly enough Now, Neji was somehow getting back at Tenten and Naruto by kidnapping his cousin, to have his way with her? Sakura's eyes bugged out at first. With the way the sun was setting, though And that kind of thing should always be encouraged.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. After starting a family with two energetic children in Boruto and Himawari, Naruto and Hinata settled down in a cozy home where they could all live happily. Probably pretty low In this fan art by popipapepu , Naruto and Hinata are placed in a field of sunflowers as the sun sets.

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Author's Notes: The story was taken from an idea by Finbar, and I posted the original version of this chapter in my 'One shots and Ideas' story. She didn't even know the guy! Hinata juga memiliki berbagai macam jurus dan kemampuan untuk bertarung. I'll see you tom- What the hell are you doing here, loser?

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And, oddly enough He was unable to learn Kaiten, for that same reason. In Japanese, Hinata's name translates to "sunny place," while her daughter's name, Himawari, translates to "sunflower. Both of them don't seem to be the, uh, type, to use big ass swords.

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But, after a week of it, she got used to it, and ignored it. However, many people might not be aware of the hilarious ramen story that goes along with Naruto and Hinata's relationship. Kakashi would never use it, and you're the only genin who shown that you knew what it meant to be a ninja. As the snow began to fall, Zabuza beckoned Naruto over to him. Word spread around even more, of Naruto's fantastic present to Gai's kunoichi, and of all the reactions thereof. I'm not here to kick your ass. Salah satu kisah cinta dalam film ini yaitu kisah cinta dari naruto itu sendiri dengan hinata yang merupakan gadis pemalu dan pendiam yang berasal dari klan hyuga. Pay attention! But the townsfolk, and soon growing numbers of ninjas Sign in Recover your password.

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What are you doing here? How cool was that? Tenten decided that she needed someone other then a drunken 12 year old to get advice from. And surrounded by the bodies of enemies he slew lay Zabuza, dying.

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While Naruto wears a nice tuxedo, Hinata has a veiled updo hairstyle and an elegant wedding dress with a hint of purple. This is news you'd probably love to hear! Because he was the one who gave Tenten a priceless gift, to try to win her love.


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