Raikage 2.

Amaterasu is a big factor but they have just enough countermeasures for it like using tailed beast chakra to detach and Raikiage can tank Amaterasu enough to kill him. Otherwise it is too OP. Assume Itachi never encountered Kakashi or Sasuke. He was Raikage for about three years before he was killed by ten thousand shinobi which he faught for seven days and nights to allow his troops to flee and get to safety. He was also credited to be well versed in political aspects, indicating a decent amount of intelligence. Even before becoming a Kage, his skills were such that he was appointed to be the guard of his predecessor ó something he gained much renown for. Just like he lost his arm. He has already been one shotted by Madara's basic genjutsu before. Clash was the last Raikage of Kumogakure, he is the absolute best Raikage ever, known for his unique variation of the Dust Release as well as his Red Lightning. Jiraya makes this especially hard.

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As a result, the third removed the tailed beast and re-sealed it into another jinchukiri now thats was formerly known as Killer Bee. Though not much is known about his abilities, the fact that he was the appointed the Second Raikage indicates he was undoubtedly a powerful shinobi. Amaterasu is a big factor but they have just enough countermeasures for it like using tailed beast chakra to detach and Raikiage can tank Amaterasu enough to kill him.

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He known throughout the Kumogakure for battling and sealing the Eight-Tailed Giant Ox into a special pot used for sealing. Killer Bee beat Sasuke with no Susano and no experience with Amatersu. Itachi isn't that big of a factor to be honest.

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Ok he used Tsukuyomi one and Amatarasu once and then needed to run from Jiriya and hide for a while to regain his strength he wasn't sick then. Eventually, his long service and dedication earned him the appointment of Second Raikage. Hebi Sasuke already had a high level Raiton like Kirin he was already a master in the use of Raiton the Suitons of Itachi are crap compared to the Raitons of Hebi Sasuke! All of Itachi's other hax makes this even harder.

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Over all this he wore a slight variation of Kumogakure's modern flak jacket which was seemingly decorated with medals of sorts. Gaara saved Raikage from losing his leg. Sign In Don't have an account? That's like me talking about Kisame handling Bee or Madara handling Raikage for no apperant reason. He isn't getting through Yata Mirror. Only way Itachi team win is if Itachi casts a Tsukuyomi at the beginning. It is one of my favorites in the entire series. The Naruto that fought Itachi had split his chakra 5 ways into 5 clones capable of fight prolonged battles against Kage tier people. My money is on Killer B and the Raikage gave their speed and just sheer physical power. Yes, Jiraya with all his versatility including turning the ground into swamp can slow them down.

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Obviously Itachi would agree. Probably the Kumo duo. Later, his and the other Kage's souls were returned to the Pure Land.

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You should try reading the Manga. What are you proving by posting these meaningless scans. That was wrong.

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